Friday, 2 June 2017

Seamwork Magazine - Almada Kimono

It was my Sister in Laws 21st birthday this month too and she mentioned a while back she wanted a lovely silk kimono as a dressing gown. After wracking my brains for a good present for her birthday (why is this the girls job?! it's my hubbys sister!) I decided I would make her one.

I bought the silk from Minerva after not finding any silk stalls at the handmade fair as I was hoping so she could pick her own silk.

I spotted the pattern on instagram about a week before it needed to be gifted but as I hadn't started anything it was perfect. It's such a good pattern as it has very few, pieces but very good instructions. I did wonder a bit whilst piecing the PDF together how giant the kimono would turn out but it fits her beautifully.

I quickly learnt silk shouldn't be sewn with the widow open as it was slip sliding everywhere! Once I mastered this I was ok. I did a lot of the seams straight on my overlocker as it was fraying quite quickly and i wanted it to stay put. It worked quite well though and didn't leave big seams behind. The collar is all bound with bias binding which I bought, because i'm not that good yet, from hobbycraft.

I think I want one for myself now. It is a perfect summer dressgown or a cardi for the summer evenings when it gets cooler. It is definitely on my list to make for myself!