Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another Yellow Dress... Simply Sewing Lily Dress

So this dress I made in order to have something nice to wear when i took my husband to the royal albert hall. I bought this yellow ribbed jersey from Peterborough market almost a year ao for a pound a meter and had been hording it ever since not sure why! So i thought a nice quick maxi dress would be perfect.
I used the pattern free from Simply Sewing Lily Dress and got to work. Unusually I actually cut the tissue paper out on my size and didn't trace it, REBEL I know! I blooming hate tissue paper though anyone else with me? The dogs only have to so much as look as what i'm doing and the tissue disintegrates in fear! So after a few washi tape jobs I managed to lay it all out on the fabric. Turns out I didn't have enough fabric...! so I decided on an almost maxi dress instead.. panic over.
As I mentioned this dress was all a bit rushed so I had intended on making the race back but cut the wrong tissue, and as previously mentioned I hate tissue, so decided to roll with it. 
it sews together so quickly and the wrap over looked lovely! Just have the arm holes left to hem. But in my lazyness I couldn't be bothered to find my twin needle and walking foot so thought i'd wing it. Big mistake! I ended up stretching out the arm holes and now they look all funny. 

Still I wore it anyway and tucked the excess arm into my bra and the world was non the wiser! The moral of the story is don't be lazy and make sure you have enough time!
PS the proms was good thanks for asking