Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Makers for Fashion Revolution

This blog post is a bit out of the norm. I really wanted to do something to show how much the #makersforfashrev has affected my thinking and probably my sewing style/speed!

The danger with instagram and blogging is not having anything to say. I am the biggest culprit of always wanting to be showing off a fresh new make, hot off the sewing machine for people to comment and appreciate as much as I do because my husbands 'That's nice' doesn't quite cut it as much as all the lovely comments in the internet world. This isn’t a post about body image and how I prefer my internet friends to appreciate my new dress but a post about making I swear!

I'd not thought about the impact this is having until this week. I don't know where my fabric is coming from, if I'm honest I regularly vote for cheap and cheerful fabric rather than spending any time researching and deliberating. This means I’m churning out quick makes for certain occasions and not thinking of the sustainability of my fabric habit!

This is, I suppose, getting close the issue of fast fashion buying quick and cheap items for specific occasions wearing them once and not worrying if you never dig them out again. I am making myself fast fashion, yet I feel better because I have made it and not been and bought it from Primark or anywhere equally cheap and cheerful. 

I also find myself making things specifically for blog posts or pattern tests because I know of the exposure this will get me and my blog. Don't get me wrong I am super grateful for these opportunities and experiences and I love taking part in them, but this week has made me wonder of the wider impact this may be having on the world and sustainability of my hobby! The need to have a new picture everyday causes me to make bad choices about what I am making in the hurry to have something to talk about. 

I find the things I have made recently with much better quality fabrics are the things I wear most often on rotation and I have a lot of things that probably won't see the light of day till it comes to Me Made May again this year and I’m desperate for a ‘new’ outfit to show everyone and not a repeat wear. Also if I give these items to a charity shop what happens to them? Are they sold as clothing items or weighed and sold as fabric recycling, is the latter such a bad thing? Please if you know please tell me!

I like to think myself as being eco –conscious. I’ve always been a bit of a hippy, when I brought out the tote bags, Tim Minchins song ‘Canvas bags’ went round and round in my head and it made me a little bit happy people might take our bags instead of more plastic. I spent so much time researching packaging for the new products as I wanted to keep the products safe but didn’t really want to use plastic. So I opted for recyclable and degradable plastic bags to keep everything dry and clean, but still not quite as bad as some plastic packaging. I opted for paperbags for my stickers and cardboard envelopes for cards. I felt I had been much more contentious for this round of my business and not leaving a lasting impact on the world, yet I’m churning out dresses like they are going out of fashion without a thought of what went into creating that fabric for my consumption.

I haven't taken part in the photo challenge for #Makersforfashrev but that doesn't mean it hasn't affected me. I am not sure if this says more about me or about the Sewing community in general but I wanted to write my thoughts down and share if anyone had the same feelings as me?

I might slow down with my sewing, and my posting and hopefully this means I will have better more meaningful things to say… I hope!