Friday, 10 March 2017

Baby Clothes - The cutest things!!

There seems to be a lot of baby's around in my life at the moment, so I thought I would have a go at making some gifts for them! Sadly I can't claim the beautiful knitted cardi's as my own, my beautiful Grandma made those and she is such a speed knitter too.

I then made a couple of sets with car seat blankets like I have blogged about previously at this link.
Baby Car Seat cover. The parents I have given these too love them as the keep the car seat clean and it's easily washable but it is great for swaddling the baby in and keeping them warm without them being able to kick the blanket off in the back of the car.

I also had a go an some little hat's and matching leggings, as I knew each baby would be a little boy.
I made the knot hats using this tutorial from How Does She's Blog.
I used my overlocker for the entire of this hat, which made it so quick and easy. The band around the bottom of the hat is added on after so every bit can be done on my overlocker. I was quite scared of my overlocker till I made these projects and now I have mastered curves!

The little trousers were a pattern from Made by Rae with her Just Hatched Leggins pattern which again is so easy. It only has two pattern pieces and a small amount of elastic which makes them very easy to create. I had to do the cuffs and waist band on my normal machine for these but using my walking foot it gave them a lovely professional finish.

I bought this Horsey fabric especially for this gift as the Mum works with horses and the Dad is a farmer, hence the tractors on the car seat cover.

I made another car seat cover without the double layer, just a single layer of fleece which worked really well also. It then meant it was even easier for swaddling and washing as there is only one layer to get tangled.

All in all some very cute babies with some very cute iddy bitty presents!