Monday, 11 July 2016

Camp blanket, BADGES!!

When I went to visit my hubby family recently his little cousin told me about her Brownie pack holiday coming up. I decided she couldn't possibly let her go without her own camp blanket like mine! Well ok maybe not like mine as I have a few years up on the badge collecting but its a good start!
I bought 1 metre of fleece fabric from Peterborough market. I then squared it off and rounded the edges. Then I used floral bias binding all the way around the edge. I cut a straight slit in the middle for her head and binded those edges too. The edges of fleece don't need binding as it won't fray but it looks beautiful for a little girly girl.

 I cut out her name with my die cutter and appliqued this onto the back. It was a bit wonk but very Alice and wonderland!

I then zigzaged the badges I bought for her along the bottom ready for her to start collecting her own.