Thursday, 2 July 2015

A complete novice who is addicted to Pintrest

So I get a fancy sewing machine for Christmas and I'm DESPERATE to use it on as much as I can! So I go around Pintrest (which is a habit I gained whilst trying to plan my wedding last August) trying to find easy looking things to try and re-create before a really know what I am doing.

I found these which to me looked like two squares with rice in, perfect!
These were from Sugarbeecrafts but I thought I knew better!
My friend had recently started an outdoorsy job and it was January so I thought these would be perfect for Mim and off I went. Mims not a florally kind of person so I thought I would make them plain and put her name on them as my clever machine does letters and numbers!
These are my attempt...
As you can see not quite as good! The things I learnt from this project t that might help you are as below:
  • as I was putting an embroidered section I should have done that first then cut the squares around it as mine were off centre as I wasn't sure how big the word would come out
  • I sewed these then cut them with my pinking shears which I think gave them a nice edge but I could probably top stich them now I know what to do
  • you don't need much rice, at all! and definitely use a funnel if you have one or you will be fighting for the raw rice from your puppy like me!
  • be very careful where you leave the gap to put your rice and how you then fasten it after. I suppose top stitching will resolve this issue as it gives a neater finish.
  • funky fabric is always better!
I hope this helped someone I may get round to making round two of these before Christmas I'm sure!