Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Then it was easter...

As you have probably guessed at the moment I'm mainly catching up on previously completed projects, so I made us a table runner for our easter table as we had all the family round (and some more pretend family that we love too)
I searched around for some Easter fabric but didn't have too much luck, so I went to Fabritaastic in Peterborough who were very helpful and were having a sale on fat quarters... I mean who can resist fat quarters!!

So what I did was I purchased 4 FQ's and 1m of cream fabric that I was going to use for the backing, along with 1m of wadding.

I cut the FQ's into 15cm Squares using my rotary cutter and cutting board so they were all the same and patch worked them all together into a random long pattern. Our table is very large as you can see so I just kept bringing it back to the table to see if it was long enough and added a few more rows on.

I then cut two strips of the cream and attached it to the blocks and the wadding by sewing round three sides. Leaving the middle to turn it right side in. I did this on both end and was left with a flap in the middle that I was hoping would be like a pillow case flap, though it looked weird!

So I ended up sewing all the way across the middle to join the two flaps together, It didn't matter so much to me as it was only for my and my table, but if I were to do it again I would make sure that the two piece of fabric match up and a square join so I can 'stich in the ditch' and make it look neater.