Thursday, 2 July 2015

Next stop wedding presents..

Now just to let you know being the best mans wife is more stressful than being the bride, and your the girl the bride has entrusted with making sure the boys turn up and look presentable.
This particular wedding was in TOWIE country so I was most excited to get the fake tan out, but then it was in February! So I spent the weekend folding pocket squares pinning button holes and driving boys around who had forgotten their shoes!
I digress, for his present my husband wanted something to give him to use on the day. On our wedding in August my husband was sweating a lot and their was a running joke that it was a good job the best man brought a hanky to wipe his brow before I arrived!
The present was then born from this idea.

For you brow from your bro on your wedding day

The things I learnt from this were:
  • I need to regulate the gaps between words as these were a bit higgledy piggledy.
  • There is something called 'stitch and tear' it you put it behind your fabric, or in my case hanky, it stops the embroidery looking so pulled and puckered and it just tears off where it isn't required once you have finished.
  • People pay at lot of money for a personalised hanky online so I set up an etsy store! RoodlesRunique etsy store