Friday, 24 July 2015

Hairdressing scissors pouch

My sister is a trainee hairdresser at night school and she has worked tremendously hard at this and passed her first year! I wanted to get her something to help but she had already bought all the books and equipment she needed, so when she asked me to make her something I jumped at the chance. She had found this, again on Pintrest, which is obviously for crochet hooks and asked it I could do something like that for her scissors so I set about a plan!

When I was at Fabritastic (see last post about fat quarters sales!) I picked up this great campervan fabric! Both my sister and I are beach bums and love all things beachy, campervany and scooters!

I decided I ought to put some wadding into it other wise when the sharp scissors were in they may stab her through the fabric. So I laid out the fabric and measure my sewing scissors across 4 times and added a bit more for good measure. I then added wadding on top for about two thirds of the length as I didn't want double wadding on the pocket. Then I measured the polka dot fabric to match the campervans.
I sewed three edges leaving the bottom where I was going to put the pocket and attached the lace into the seam as it was going round. I folded the pocket up to the level I wanted it then sewed four channels leaving gaps for her scissors.
I then zigzagged the bottom edge to seal it all up, though I wasn't very good at the (must practice zipzag!) and it looked a bit messy.

I then hand sewed on the button in the right place for the lace fastener.

And there you have it!