Monday, 20 July 2015

A slight aside from sewing - My singer sewing table!

Shortly after the last make I moved house, so I finally had a dedicated area for my crafting!

So I sourced on ebay this stand and restored it for use as a sewing table. Just thought I'd put a post up with all the different stages!
This is how it arrived


As you can see, caped in dirt! I got it for £20 on ebay and it had clearly just been in the garden for goodness knows how long!

So we pressure washed it...

And re painted it black to keep the rusty bits at bay

Then my husband painted gold on the wording to make it look beautiful

Don't you think it looks great? I then attached an ikea table top to it and it's perfect! I'll take a picture when there isn't so much creativity going on in my craft room... aka mess!