Friday, 14 August 2015

A less poofy much more wearable skirt, with elastic waist


This skirt was the result of a facebook post on one of the sewing forums asking for advice on the easiest was to make a comfy skirt.

I had this fabric from the Knit and Stitch show in Birmingham I had been to a good few months before but I was saving it for something I would wear so I risked it with this!

I had 2m of this fabric and 2m of 1cm wide elastic. I measured the length i wanted the skirt to be, ie waist to calf. Then i cut two rectangles 1m wide by thr length i measured deep. 

I cut the same pockets as before and sewed one to each side of the fabric. I then sewed the two short sides together, following the edge of the fabric including the pockets. I then hemmed the bottom up all the way around, this would be easier if i didnt have an iron aversion so try ironing the seam first.

I then sewed the top in a very similar hem but i left a gap on one edge still open. This is for me to feed the elastic through. I cut the elastic to the size of my waist learning from the last skirt about stretching it a little. I then attached a small safety pin to either end of the elastic and attached one end to the fabric of the skirt. The other end i fed through the top channel all the way around allowing it to gather as I went along. 

When I had both safety pins back out the skirt i machined the two ends of elastic together. Then finished hemming the top of the fabric.

I could then wear my new skirt for the family BBQ! Fabulous!