Monday, 10 August 2015

The beginning of the masterpiece wedding gift... The block

It's at this point I thought I rally ought to get on with making the wedding gift for my cousin I had planned... with 8 weeks to go...!

My cousin has recently bought a little cottage with her soon to be husband and they were renovating it ready to move in after they were married. She loves all things 'country kitchen' and vintage etc so I thought the perfect thoughtful gift from me would be something hand made, so I thought I'd make her a quilt!

I didn't really think this through, but hey I was going to try my hardest to finish it! I didn't know what size bed she was going to have either but I would be damned if I was going to try anything bigger than a double for my FIRST quilt, so I decided not to ask...!

I sourced my fabric, 4 different colours of the same rose fabric, 4 solids in similar colours and 4 other random ones I liked the look of. I bought a meter of each and I have plenty spare! I took my Grandma with me to buy some of the fabric and as I was picking out lovely pastels (the theme of the wedding!) she said to me 'You do know there will be a boy under this blanket Rudy you'll need some manly colours...!' Cheers for that image Grandma.. Queue blues being added! Most of my Fabric is from a facebook seller or ebay, though some is from Bobb in and Sew near where I live and some from Boyes again in Goole.

I found this blocks idea on Pintrest and it is now that I look back on it and see how the colour run through in lines, I didn't see that before! So mine really was a rough copy of this in rather large form.

I cut 9 15cm squares of each of the fabrics I was going to use as squares, and 9 of each double size squares 15cm wide and 30cm tall. This was the most boring bit!! I then decided that my squares would look a bit like this..

So I set about sewing all the squares together, trying to put similar colours at opposites. Then I sewed a pair of squares to a long panel giving me 4 corners of a square. I pinned two bottom sets together on the shortest sides and sewed down then in a straight line (please bare in mind you will have extra on the long panel as there inst an additional seam). I did the same with the top the sewed all the way down the middle. Be careful at this point with you seams, it may be useful to iron them to where you want them to stay though I have aversion to the iron so do as little of that as possible!

Ta daa one square.. only 8 more to go...! As you can see it didn't quite stick to my plan but random is good sometimes :)