Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Kimono style jacket

This was the first thing I had made for myself properly. I used a rough pattern that was in Simply Sewing.
I bought 2m of jersey floral fabric off ebay as usual and set to work.

I folded the two meters in half right sides together and sewed 1" seams either side leaving 15cm for arm holes. I apologise for my mixture of metric and imperial my brain works in cm by my sewing machine works in inches!
I then cut all the way up the middle and across the top in a T shape. The top of the T was  20cm but it could have been much smaller.

I then put it on an felt like I was wearing a dressing gown, so I trimmed the bottoms about 30cm on each side to make it the length it is on the picture.

Ta daa! easiest and quickest make ever!